Empowering Girls for Tomorrow!

Empowering girls to successfully navigate 21st-century obstacles to become confident women who make a positive difference in their communities.


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  • Go Butterflybotics! 🦋#huakailanischoolforgirls #huakailani #butterflybotics

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What makes Huakailani School for Girls a special place? (HSFG Student Quote)

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Once a Butterfly, Always a Butterfly!

  • Students First

    We recognize the unique gifts and potential of each person and show tolerance for similarities and differences. All community members flourish in a supportive and close-knit community.

  • Our Community

    We are a school community dedicated to a whole-child, personalized education approach. The welfare of the student is a priority in decision-making.

  • Family

    We embrace the family's role in the life of our school creating a strong link between home and school through communication and volunteerism.

  • S.T.E.A.M.

    Offers a powerful Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math Based Curriculum!

Why Choose Us

Why Huakailani?

You won't find one or two singular reasons why Huakailani "works". Rather, it's the sum of a lot of things that work...

All-girls Education Advantage

Huakailani offers the only all-girls school setting on the Windward Side. Our program offers a strong large school...

Why an all-girls school?

Parents find that large-sized co-ed classes are not meeting the needs of their daughters....


Instead of fitting in an Open House to fit our schedule, call us to set up a private...


The school is dedicated to building a strong foundation for young girls to grow up to become educated, confident, & resilient young women who contribute to their community with service and compassion.

Community, Compassion, & Service

Our students understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others and develop the capacity to have a humble heart and open mind.

They find positive ways to contribute to the broader community and share time and talents with others.