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Why Huakailani

You won’t find one or two singular reasons why Huakailani “works”. Rather, it’s the sum of a lot of things that work in harmony.

Grade School Matters

Some people believe it’s smarter to save their money to send their children to a good private school later, when it matters. We at Huakailani strongly believe, and know, that the opposite is true. It has even been proven that having a quality teacher throughout elementary school can wipe out the academic disadvantage of a low socioeconomic background. Our fantastic faculty has the talent, drive and passion to advance your child. We build the foundation for creativity, a love of learning, critical thinking skills, and good study habits that your daughter will take with her no matter where she goes.

Girls Soar

We are the only independent, all-girls elementary school on Oahu; and proudly call Kailua our home. The advantages of an all-girls education are numerous. Confidence and academic advancement are just two of the benefits she’ll gain by attending an all-girls school.

High Expectations

We assume that all our girls are capable of high academic achievement. Our curriculum follows national standards and our girls are tested each year starting in the 3rd grade with the California Achievement Test (CAT) and ending in the 6th grade with the SSAT. As a result, they push themselves and routinely accomplish challenges that even they originally thought were out of their reach.

Small Classes

With only 25 students for the entire school, every teacher will get to know every student very well. We think of ourselves as educational doctors. If there’s any hiccup in your daughter’s educational path, we’ll see it right away and be able to quickly prescribe solutions to get her back on track. No one slips through the cracks here.


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