Why an all-girls school?

Parents find that large-sized co-ed classes were not meeting the needs of their children. Studies supported that girls and boys learn and think differently and that there were many benefits of single-gender classrooms.

Brain research supports that the greatest amount of cognitive growth takes place from birth to age 14. This makes the early school years a very critical period for laying a strong foundation socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Our curriculum is enhanced with a S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) based program.

The 21st century brings new challenges for girls. At Huakailani School for Girls parents gain valuable insights into the challenges which place girls at high risk as they enter the teen years and the specialized learning environment for girls, helps them to grow into smart, confident, and resilient women.

Huakailani School for Girls’s small-sized, private setting provides a wide variety of opportunities, experiences and resources/tools for increasing cognitive thinking skills, collaboration and problem-solving skills, developing physical coordination, fostering creativity and imagination, building important social skills and positive, healthy self-concepts in a nurturing all-girls setting that specializes in supporting each student to reach her fullest potential. At Huakailani School your child is guaranteed individualized instruction.

The girls are taught by a very highly qualified team of dedicated and talented educators who have completed rigorous training in the school curriculum, methodology and best practices for children/females.

I am still involved with personally teaching all of the girls and developing and improving the program to match to support best teaching practices and current brain research.

This makes our program a high-caliber program that is fueled by many years of experience, vision, and commitment.

Come and explore the proven, data-driven, benefits of an all-girl learning environment,

Kaori Brown

Founder, Director, & Teacher

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