• A high quality innovative alternative to current public or private school settings
  • Nurturing and individualized learning environment of a home-school setting is creatively harmonized with a first-class curriculum, high quality teaching and state-of-the art technology
  • Moves beyond more traditional classroom conventions and allows students to learn in a way that suits their individual learning needs
  • Creative and innovative solutions offer support your daughter’s needs
  • Enhanced communication between all age groups due to the diversified multi-age learning environment
  • Top notch educational service to parents – weekly progress reports and “Learning Plans” tailored and prepared to meet your daughter’s exact needs

Learning Plans Specific to Your Child’s Educational Needs

An Individualized plan is tailored specifically for your daughter’s learning needs. The plan is written and revised as needed to match her progress.

Stellar Education & Service is a distinguishing feature of what separates Huakailani from other schools. The goal for Huakailani is to deliver a level of personalized education and service to students and parents not necessarily doable in other school settings.

Huakailani School’s small-sized, private setting provides a wide variety of opportunities, experiences and resources/tools for increasing cognitive thinking skills, collaboration & problem solving skills, developing physical coordination, fostering creativity and imagination, building important social skills and positive, healthy self-concepts in a nurturing all-girls setting that specializes in supporting each student to reach her fullest potential. At Huakailani School your child is guaranteed individualized instruction.

Sound too good to be true? Pay us a visit and you’ll see it in action.