Huakailani not only grows minds, but we also cultivate good hearts. We believe that becoming a “good citizen” is as important as academic achievement.

Huakailani is a food waste free school.


The school initiated compost bars to completely eliminate food waste from the trashcans (and landfills). Read about the school’s Bokashi composting program here.

Plant Your Butts Here Campaign and Adopt-a-Block Project

In 2009, we adopted Hekili Street and one side of Hamakua Drive for litter clean-up as part of the City and County of Honolulu’s Adopt-a-Block program. Every three months during the school year, students and other Huakailani volunteers pick up trash on Hekili Street In Kailua Town.

After a few clean-ups, we found that a significant amount of litter consisted of cigarette butts. The teachers and students decided to investigate the environmental impact of the butts as litter. They soon found that not only were the butts an eye-sore, but were not biodegradable. They were also toxic, could cause fires and were a hazard to human, plant and wild life. Because of this, we soon made it our goal to remove all of the cigarette butts from the area and launched the Plant Your Butts Here campaign.

Huakailani provides free of charge large, whimsically designed planters filled with sand to businesses around the neighborhood. These planters are placed outside in areas where high concentration of butts are found. Now, people have a place to put there butts instead of just throwing them on the ground. Since then we have received several grants to how this project.

The school has placed over 20 cigarette butt planters around Kailua Town and has removed over 5,000 cigarette butts from the area.

To learn more about this exciting, on-going project, please visit our Huakailani Service Learning Blog.

Monarch Butterfly Restoration Project

As our official mascot, the monarch butterfly has a special place in our school–literally. We have taken to raising butterflies (when we can) and hopefully increase the population fo monarch butterflies in Hawaii. Follow our butterfly adventures at Mrs. B’s Butterfly Blog.

Numerous other projects during the school year:

  • Kaha Garden Volunteers
  • Urban Container Gardening
  • I Love Kailua Town Party Volunteers
  • Aloha for Japan – Tsunami Relief
  • UN Peace Projects
  • Pennies for Peace
  • Hawaii Food Bank
  • Worm Composting
  • Bokashi Composting
  • OSPCA Drive and Volunteer
  • Aquaponic Gardening