It is a center based program which provides the children with the hands-on experiences that support them to construct mathematical understanding, develop reading, writing & spelling skills, and explore themes through meaningful and engaging science and social studies themes.

By the end of the year, Each grade level has embarked on 6  “Journeys”  to study an intergrated science and or social studies theme. These “Journeys” last from 4-6 weeks.

Students have the opportunity to discover, investigate, comprehend and reinforce concepts and skills through the use of manipulatives, cooperative learning settings, drama, investigations, technology, activities, and projects. They are immersed in trans-disciplinary units of study that are science and social studies based. Discovery learning, asking questions, and personal reflections are emphasized. Students engage in community building and discovery activities to enlighten their individual role and thinking concerning the world around them. Students learn and live positive attitudes such as cooperation and respect both inside and outside the classroom.